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thread lift

Thread Lift
A thread lift is for those who wish to receive the benefits of a facelift, with out the cost or time. One should familiarize themselves with the thread lift procedure and thread lift surgery as well as the thread lift benefits before deciding if one should have a thread lift.

Many people feel that they can benefit from a face lift, but can not afford it in time or cost. That is where a thread lift comes in, being only a minimally invasive procedure.

Taking only about an hour, this procedure is considered a lunchtime procedure.

Thread Lift Benefits
The face is ever changing with age and weight. The cheeks, eyebrows, the jowls and neck areas show weakening signs that give an aged appearance.

Younger individuals may also experience sagging due to weakened muscles in the cheek and brow areas. The lesser invasiveness of the thread lift is especially beneficial for younger individuals who are not qualified for more intensive face lifts.

The best candidates are those who need a touch up to reduce minor signs of aging. People who are undergoing a full face lift may also have a thread lift in order to provide support for softer tissue areas that have been elevated.

The thread lift is also beneficial to those who need touchup after a face lift or other procedure.

Thread Lift Procedure
The basics of a thread lift involve using threads that have tiny, painless barbs (looking a little like a rose stem). These painlessly hold on to tissue to lift areas around the eyes, lips or around the neck area.

They are inserted by a thin needle, and the barbs gently lift the skin into its position.

There is no need for stitches, and there is no chance for scarring.

Thread Lift Surgery
There are two kinds of thread lift being performed: the Aptos Thread lift and the Contour Thread lift. There have been a combined 14 thousand procedures in 2006 alone.

The only real difference between the two is the design of the threads. The Contour threads Work in a single direction, and are fixed to a point in the face, where as the Aptos threads are bidirectional.

The Contour thread is a material that is accepted by the body, and has barbs that open like an umbrella, giving the surgeon control over the facial area in terms of support.

The Aptos thread has barbs along the entire length, give a filling performance.

The minimal invasive nature to a thread lift means that recovery is a simple and easy process, although until your system has fully healed, it is best to avoid any activity which is strenuous or of high activity to avoid any harmful damage

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