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What is It?
Restylane® is an injectable gel made from hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar that enables skin to retain its shape and volume. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrophilic substance, meaning it attracts water. Once injected into the skin, the hyaluronic acid molecules in Restylane bind to the body’s natural stores of water, gradually “plumping up” the skin – and giving it a smoother, more youthful appearance

What Does it Treat?
Restylane is very effective at improving the appearance of wrinkles and creases around the mouth and lips, as well as those under and around the eyes. It’s also used to gives lips more volume. The loss of lip volume that occurs with aging is a major concern for many people, particularly women. And some women are simply born with thin lips. The pouty, “bee-stung” look made popular by such celebrities as Angelina Jolie and Jessica Simpson has made lip injections one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. Restylane injections are FDA approved and can help make lips look fuller and more pronounced.

Restylane – Instant Boost for Looking Great
Restylane is really great for those who want an instant boost, they leave the office looking great. For those with big upcoming events such as weddings, birthday parties, or reunions, Restylane is a good option that will leave you looking good for months after.

What is Treatment Like?
Depending on how large an area of your skin you’re having treated, Restylane injections can take from a few minutes to an hour. You can have the procedure during your lunch break and return to work or other routine activities immediately afterward.
Pain and discomfort is generally minimal and well tolerated. A very fine needle is used for the injections. If you’re concerned, however, you can request a topical anesthetic to numb the skin before the injection. Most physicians also give patients a local anesthesia when using Restylane to enhance and sculpt the lips. Another option available to those concerned with discomfort during and after the procedure is Restylane-L, a version which incorporates lidocaine. Clinical studies have shown up to 72% of patients report significantly less discomfort when using this formulation.

Possible Side Effects
The most common post-treatment side effects are redness and swelling, but these are usually mild and go away within a few days.
No allergy testing is typically necessary prior to treatment. Restylane does not contain any animal proteins, so your body is highly unlikely to have an allergic reaction to it. But, like other dermal fillers, Restylane may produce some post-treatment side effects. Most are very mild, and include swelling, redness, and possible bruising. They’re usually gone within a few hours or a few days.

How Long does it Last?
You’ll notice results immediately, but the full effects will become evident within a few days, as the hyaluronic acid binds with more and more water and plumps up the skin. The results will last in the lips anywhere from 3 to 6 months, and on other parts of the face, such as under the eyes, for 6 to 9 months.
Some people’s bodies absorb the hyaluronic acid faster—and that can be a factor in causing the need for more frequent treatments. The durability of the treatment can also depend on how much muscle movement there is in the facial area being treated. When used to correct a scar, Restylane and other dermal fillers tend to last longer than when used around, say, the mouth, where there is much more movement.

How Much Does Restylane Cost?
The price of Restylane can be variable based on the area being treated and how many syringes will be required. For pricing information see our Cost and Pricing guide.

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